Our Shelties

Beau was a wonder to live and work with over the years but the time came for him to pass on his job. Ryan became our beloved stud until it was time for him to also retire.

AM CH Belmark Tri’N Stop Me “Connor”

Connor is a beautiful Sheltie with an amazing personality. He is loving, playful, happy go lucky and a truly outstanding fellow. He passes on his happy love of life, good bone, and lush coat to his puppies. Being a bi-black factored tri Connor can produce a wide range of colors in his offspring.

Some of his puppies can be seen in the Gallery and, at times, on the Available page.

Belmark Stick It To Em AKC Pointed “Orchid”

This is a Sheltie with a huge zest for life. She has boundless joy and loves to see what is going on around her. Orchid is a bi-black factored blue merle. Her puppies have become beloved family members over many states and we love hearing from their new families. We were pleased with May 2023 puppies from Orchid. She and Connor can produce tri, bi-black, blue merle, and bi-blue merle puppies. We have kept a bi-blue merle daughter from this litter, Izzy, who is a bundle of joy. You can see her photos below. Again we thank Bella Thompson Corwin of Belmark Shelties for sharing her wonderful dogs with us.

MB Hatfield Loganberry Ice T “Logan”

Thank you to Lenita Vaughn for allowing us to breed some of our girls to Logan. He is shown here as an adult and on the weekend he earned 4 points in his first show at 7 months old. His daughter, Tulip, is shown on this page.

Belmark Vintage Blessings “Vinny”

Vinny is a new blessing here. He is the proud son of GCH CH LAUREATE VINTAGES out of GCH CH BELMARK HOLD ME CLOSER. Our beloved Ryan is in his back line as well. Vinny is a joyful dog. We are excited to see what the future holds for him and his future puppies. All of his offspring will be sables as his genes are ‘pure for sable’.

Vinny and Nell produced a delightful litter of six puppies 10/13/2023. We are thrilled with the quality and personalities of these puppies.

Belmark Heirloom “Franny”

Franny joined us in the fall of 2022 and brought her sunny & gentle disposition with love for everyone. Franny and Orchid look like sisters and fill our home with smiling good natures. Connor and Franny produced a litter of three beautiful daughters in January 2023 and a litter of six sweet puppies on 1/10/2024. We are thrilled with their sweet personalities and pretty coats. Orchid makes a super Nanny for these puppies. These two adults and even Trudy as a young helper taught the puppies how to be polite little dogs.

Blessings Of Great Grandma Nell “Nell”

This sweet dark sable girl is the daughter of our Tulip and Connor. We were blessed with a litter of sable puppies from Vinny and Nell in October of 2023. The future looks bright with these two. Nell is in Foster Program and lives with a friend and her other dog. What joy they share with their people.

Belmark Truly Proven Blessings “Trudy”

Trudy is a gentle and sweet ‘pure for sable’ girl. She comes to us from Belmark Shelties and is truly a beautiful sheltie. I love how excited she is to see me and her happy happy wiggle. She has been bred to Vinny so we shall see what the future hold for these two..

Blessings of Grandma Mary Isabella “Izzy”

Izzy is Connor and Orchid’s bi-blue merle 2023 daughter. She is as enthusiastic as her Mom and as sweet as her Dad. We are pleased to anticipate lovely puppies in the future with her.



BISS AM Grd CH/Can CH Jade Mist Belmark Bragging Rights ROM “Ryan” and Figures Flash Card, AKC pointed, “Beau” were two of our favorite studs here. They have both passed away now but left their imprint on our lines of shelties. If you think Beau and Ryan looked similar you are correct! They are proud sons of CH Willow Cove’s Wild Card ROM ROMC.


Blessings Friendship Garden “Katie Rose”

Katie Rose is a Tracy and Ryan daughter. She is retired. Her daughter, Tulip, is stunning. She has a wonderful soft and feminine face and a huge coat.

Blessings Picks A Silque Flower “Tulip”

Tulip is Katie Rose and Logan’s daughter, a Ryan granddaughter. She is a beautiful, feminine blend of these wonderful shelties. I love the soft look on her face.
After producing Blessings Of Great Grandma Nell “Nell” with Connor Tulip retired and is now living with her new best friend, Alice, near some of her offspring. We miss her sweet sweet face.

Kingsland Que Sera Sera “Sierra”

This delightful, cryptic blue girl also came to us from Bella Thompson Corwin, Belmark Shelties. Sierra is a wonderful girl with a loving heart who is now retired but who left us with delightful, outstanding daughters. They, in turn, have given us beautiful daughters of their own.
Lollipop is a Sierra daughter. Cricket is Lollipop’s daughter. This is a line of gorgeous, loving Shelties.

Blessings Go Round and Round “Lollipop”

Lollipop is a sweetheart. She and her daughter, Cricket, have the most loving hearts. They greet everyone with love and delight. Cricket and Lollipop retired and now live together with Cricket’s daughter, Lila.

Blessings Night Song “Cricket”

Cricket is a Ryan and Lollipop daughter. Cricket was always the first to greet me with a snuggle in the morning. Her beautiful eyes just melted my heart.

Belmark On Cloud Nine “Glitter”

Glitter joined us in December 2016. She is a funny, sweet, and joyful girl. We were very pleased with what she produced. You can see her 2017 Ryan daughter, Ruby, below.
Charity (now Holly) from Nell and Vinny’s 10/13/23 litter is Glitter’s new friend as she has joined Melissa, Lee, and Glitter’s pack.

Blessings Sunset Clouds “Ruby”

Ruby is a Ryan and Glitter daughter. She is our last daughter of Ryan and so is very special to us. Ryan’s stunning face and body is reflected in this exciting girl. Ruby has also retired and is loving her new home.

Blessings From Country Lane “Muffy”

Muffy came from the wonderful line of Shelties at County Lane. I love this snuggle buddy bi-black sweetheart. She is a delightful girl who is a blessing to Rob and Oksana as their couch potato now.