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This page is for owners of our puppies. I love hearing from my babies and their families.
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Thank you for loving my babies.

Our Sheltie Blessing Sable Mae (aka Dixie) participated in her first local agility competition at 2 years old and took first place in the 3 events entered. We are so proud of her and thank Emily for our Sable Mae!!

Pat Lieneck

It warmed my heart to see this picture of CoCo when she was a puppy. We loved Buddy and CoCo so much. They have both passed now. They were our wonderful four footed babies and we miss them. We have such good memories of them. Buddy and CoCo each had their own personalities. Was just reminiscing this evening how Buddy loved bread. He was always such a good boy, but the one thing he would do was very slyly sneak bread off of the counter! We always got a good laugh. CoCo was very sweet too, and would cross her paws. She used to curl up over my head, and lick my ears. We loved them very much💕

Stephanie Loranty

I have had shelties and collies all my life. I lost my last girl / best bud 3 years ago and could not get over her passing. She was the best companion ! I miss Willow so much.
It is time to give in to another sweetie. I ned a precious love to sleep with me and someone I can talk to . The kids have all found their way but 3 adopted are still here. Need someone to keep me company.

Sandra Melchionna- Alfano

CoCo (Eva) lives with Big Brother Buddy and their family of Ron, Stephanie, and Mikey.

They make Beau and Kristy proud.

Chloe lives with her family of four boys and new Mom and Dad.

With so many to play with I’m sure they are all having a ball.

Amber Joy, a Beau and Penny daughter, lives with Joan and Dave.

What a sweet girl she was as a puppy and now she is a grown up beauty.

Ember knows how to do many commands and tricks already.

She is much loved by her family in Rochester, NY.

Ember is another proud Beau and Shelby 1-18-09 puppy.

Sir Duncan is in love with his ‘pet boy’. They play and enjoy each other greatly.

Duncan is a Beau and Shelby 1-18-09 puppy.

Sissy is the daughter of our Figures Flash Card ‘Beau’ and Mikasa’s Southern Blue Bayou ‘Aurora’.

Sissy is a classic tri with her father’s outstanding collar. Most important, she is well loved by her family in Virginia.

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