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May you always love your Shelties as they love you. 
Atwater’s Sheltie Blessings provides Shetland Sheepdog puppies that have been bred and raised in home to become a loving member of your family.  Our Sheltie puppies are a true joy and make wonderful family companions.  Our Shetland Sheepdog puppies are AKC registered with champion pedigrees and would make a fun loving addition to the perfect family.  
As always, we reserve the right to choose the homes for our Shelties.
Deposits are required to hold a puppy and are non-refundable.

Thank you all for your interest in our puppies.

Please check back in the coming weeks for news of new litters.

Some prior puppies can be seen on the Litters from the Past page.

"The right puppy, for the right people, 
at the right time."
​This is my prayer for all of our puppies.

If you are interested in more information about our puppies 
please call or email us at 
716-795-3810 [email protected]
This page was last updated: January 15, 2021
If you are interested in learning more about our shelties please email me at 
[email protected]
or call 716-795-3810
Max is a bi-black male with a happy, mellow personality. He loves to watch people and to engage them in play. Max will be a large adult and live in Maryland.
Photo of children holding puppies
 Piper belongs to Dave and will live on Long Island. She is playful & eager to do something fun.
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Max & Journey below 
in the buggy with a friend.
 Chipper is a blessing to his new family where the grandchildren love him.
 Caleb is a sable merle boy with a watchful attitude. He is playful and involved with what ever the game 
is today. Caleb's new home is also on Long Island.
 Beau and is living with a lovely lady.  He loves a good snuggle and then a fun game with his new friend. What a blessing it is that Sally has picked Beau.
 Rocky is a blue merle boy with an endearing nature. He will make his home in Williamsville, NY.
Lollipop, Glitter, and Terra are the Mothers and Connor is the Father of these litters.
(None of these adults are for sale.)
 CH Belmark Tri'N Stop Me 
 Piper meets 
a toad.
Photo of girl holding puppy
Journey is a bi-black male with a deep and rich coat. He is ready to go on adventures with a forever family near Boston. He loves a good snuggle. I think he will have a happy life.
All of the puppies below on this page are sold.
Cricket and Connor had puppies July 10, 2019. They blessed us with two sable merle females and 
two sable females. 
This is a delightful litter and we think you will love them as we do. 
Sable Female 
 'Cookie' now 'Lizzie'
 'Cookie'  now 'Lizzie'
Sable Merle Female 
  'Annie' now 'Georgia'
These four sister have been so much fun to live with and to watch grown into wonderful young girls who are ready for new homes. 
I miss them all but am thrilled with the homes of
that Annie, now Georgia, (Nate and Crystal), Belle (Sana),  
and Cookie, now Lizzie, (Nick and Jenny)
and finally Dixie will now live in.
Sable Merle Female 
'Belle' SOLD
Summer puppies safely arrived.
Orchid had puppies on July 30, 2020 
with Glitter following her on July 31, 2020 with her litter. 
They are all now sold.
Important Note:
With the increased demand for puppies this year there have been increased cases of scams across the country. 
Please know that I do not ship my puppies or adults. 
I do not ask you for money in advance of your picking up your puppy. 
Call me if you have worries or questions.
Stay safe and healthy.
Tootsie is a blue merle girl who will be on the large size. She is fun, social, and ready to play. She will get to play with Warren in his new home. I am blessed to have them near by to each other.
Warren is a bi-black boy who will be an average size. He is an adventurous and inquisitive puppy who found a family who leads an active life and wanted another of our puppies as a companion.
Cricket and Connor had 2 puppies October 31, 2020. Both puppies are sold & in their new homes now. 
Blessings to these people as they love our babies.

We have no available puppies at this time but 
hope for new litters in late winter and then on into spring and summer.