Happy New Families
Cubby, son of Beau and Penny, all grown up and gorgeous

This page and the More Families Page are for owners of our puppies. 
 I love hearing from my babies and their families.  
Please contact me if you would like to join in the fun on these pages. 
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Thank you for loving my babies.
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What a sweet girl she was as a puppy and now 
she is a grown up beauty.
Cubby as a puppy
They make Beau and Kristy proud.
CoCo (Eva) lives with Big Brother Buddy and their family of Ron, Stephanie, and Mikey.

Summer 2007
Ella and her family, Ryan and Renae, came for a visit. Everyone had a great time playing with Ella. 
She is a well behaved beauty.
Kingsley and family come back for annual visits. We love seeing our babies as they grow. 
OhGee meets Kingsley.
Gab and Chase
Sissy is the daughter of our Figures Flash Card 'Beau'  and Mikasa's Southern Blue Bayou 'Aurora' 
(Somerset Shelties).
Gab and friends Spring 2009.
Amber Joy, a Beau and Penny daughter, lives with Joan and Dave. 
Ella loves her agility classes, mud and all.
The day that Ella visited in Spring 2009 our back yard was just greening up much to the delight of the horses shown in the back ground here.
Bella, a Capone & Penny 
9-08 puppy, 
with her family in PA.
Baby Bella
Sir Duncan is in love with his 'pet boy'. They play and enjoy each other greatly.

Ember knows how to do many commands and tricks already. 

 She is much loved by her family in Rochester, NY.
Duncan is a
 Beau and Shelby 
1-18-09 puppy.
and Susan
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A Penny and Beau 9-14-07 son.
Bella in the woods.
Sissy is a classic tri with her father's outstanding collar.
Most important, 
she is well loved by her family.
 Ember is another proud  Beau and Shelby 
1-18-09 puppy.
Sabre is a 
Beau and Shelby 
1-18-09 puppy.
With so many to play with I'm sure they are all having a ball.
Chloe lives with her family of four boys and new Mom and Dad.  
Sissy lives in Virginia.
Patti now lives with Kingsley's "Grandparents" and has 
frequent play dates.
Ella is also a 
Beau and Kristy daughter.
Summer is beautiful here in Western New York.
Thank you for all the photos you have all sent to me of your beloved Shelties.  Please keep them coming and I will try to get more up here and on the next page, More Families.
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Jessy 9-7-09
Jessy came for a visit  4-28-10. 
Sabre with Abra enjoying the water. What a good boy.
 Sundance - Strider - Annie 3-7-10
Strider is a 
Capone & Shelby son.
Capone & Flurry daughter
Beau & Kristy son