Ch Belmark Tri'N Stop Me
15" not white factored, bi factored tricolor
VWD clear, MDR1 normal/normal by parentage, eyes OFA normal​
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Shown below

Connor is a very special boy, at 6 months he was specialty RWD for a large major. When back out as a 1 year old, he finished easily with 3 majors, you just can't keep your eyes off this lovely moving, moderate black boy. He has a lean clean light head, with full dentition, lovely earset, plenty of neck and balanced body. We just love this beautiful tricolor "Quentin" son. His beautifully put together body with short strong hocks, loads of neck, plenty of coat, good tailset, and a fabulous personality continue to amaze us. 
Connor is a great show dog and he is also a cool, happy, playful and easy dog at home. He has so much to pull from his producing and show dog pedigree. We are loving his first puppies and looking forward to more babies in the coming months.
We are DELIGHTED with “Connor” and feel he closely adheres to the standard.
Connor now proven with our girls and we are considering requests to bred other girls. Our boy's semen is checked regularly to ensure the presence of viable strong swimmers. The stud fee for Connor will be $700 reflecting his title. Please inquire if you have any questions about our process or would like to talk about or see Connor in person!

“Connor” is not just a beautiful Champion but is is also a loving, sweet pet here who enjoys his time with the grandchildren and just hanging out with us. 
What a blessing he is to all.