From time to time we have adult shelties for sale.  
  Please write or call for information of current availability. 

See the Nursery Page for puppy pictures. 

Luna is living in Vermont. 
Thank you Rhoda and Tim for opening your hearts to Luna. 

Winaway's Patricia Delicia 
Winaway's He's So Fine X Winaway's I Believe

 My goal was to find Patti a wonderful retirement home where she would be loved.  I am so pleased to be able to say she is in the best home I could imagine.

 Tom and Donna opened their hearts to Patti and welcomed her into their lives. Patti has frequent play dates with Kingsley (Kristy and Beau 2007 pup who can be seen with his family on the New Families page).  
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Constantly Abiding Blessings, Connie, is now retired
 and living with Jeanie and Michael.
Thank you for loving this girl and for giving her a fun home.
Jeanie and Michael
Constantly Abiding Blessings, Connie
Constantly Abiding Blessings
Leigh High's Most Wanted, Capone X Sky-Vu 'N' Lakewood's Pretty Penny

It was with great regret that I decided the time had come for Beau to retire to a forever home of his own. He had given many of you wonderful puppies. Beau was a delight to live and work with over the past few years.  He lived with Tom & Donna and our retired girl, Patti, (on the right side of this page).  We were thrilled that he was with them.
Thank you Tom and Donna for loving both Beau and Patti.
Penny and Kristy 
have retired and are in loving homes. 
 I miss my girls but know they had wonderful retirements.
Thank you Harry and Kathy for loving Penny and Anne for treasuring Kristy.  It warms my heart to know my girls were loved so.
updated 1-3-2020
Our blue merle boy, 
Y'Knot Share The Blessings 'Champ', 
 has joined Bailey and Chase. What a beautiful set of shelties!  Bailey and Chase were both our puppies and now our retiring adult, Champ, gets to play with them too. Thank you for loving our sweet shelties!

Blessings Of Freedom On Golden Hill 

Elsa and Becky
Past Adoptions
The dogs listed below dogs have new homes with wonderful sheltie lovers.
My heartfelt thank you to all of these terrific people for the care and love they lavish on my beloved retirees.
Shelby is living in Colorado.
This lovely bi-black girl has joined her daughter, Tessa, on a ranch in Colorado as her retirement home. 
Thank you Faith and Dan for reuniting Shelby and Tessa
and loving this new addition to your family.
We miss her happy face and focused attitude.

Davishall's Tattle Tale
Tattle has joined the families of Linda and Melissa.
 Freddy is her new doggie buddy and they are having a ball.
While it broke my heart to see her go, I am convinced that she has a loving, happy home with Linda and Jerry. 
Melissa and her family are a second home for Tattle and Freddy.
Thank you all for loving my beloved Tattle. I miss her greatly.
Elsa is now the beloved pet of Becky.  
There were happy smiles and kisses all around when Becky came for Elsa.
Thank you for loving my sweet girl.
Blessings Of The Night

Loving, Laughing Luna
These three lovely ladies have retired to be stars in their new forever homes. While I miss them I am blessed to know how loved they are in their new families.
Kingsland Que Sera Sera
This wonderful grand lady came to us from Belmark Shelties and made a place in our hearts from the moment we met her. She was the Queen here and has moved into Paul and Mary's home taking her rightful place as Queen there as well. While she is greatly missed in our home, her new job as their beloved sheltie suits her very well.
Congratulations to you Paul, Mary, and Sierra as you live and love together.
Kingsland Que Sera Sera

This sweet, exuberant boy has also retired to a pet home where he is sharing his zest for life and love. 
His new Mommy sends me his photo often and is thrilled with adding him to her life and home.
Thanks for loving my Kenny.
Willow has been a lot of fun here but it was time for her to retire so she is now a beloved pet. 
Thank you Jade. I am sure Willow brings you great joy.  
Cowboy 2-7-15
Cowboy has found the right new home. He is living with Sadie, a Molly 2010 puppy, and their people, George and Mary.  Thank you for giving this sweet boy a wonderful home.
Photo of dog nursing puppies
Peaches is retired and is now a beloved pet. She is 13 1/4" and carries a very full coat. She is a cutie. 
Tracy also retired. She is an elegant, sweet and lovely girl. I love this girl but she was ready for her new career as a companion. 
Tattle Tale
Tracy and Peaches have found a wonderful home together with a family near Albany, NY. Thank you all for loving my sweet girls. 
Has joined a new home where I am sure she will be loved and pampered.
Max is a 3 year old son of our Cowboy and Tracy. He has joined his new family and we expect him to be a wonderful addition. He is a delightful, energetic, and smart sheltie.

Blessings to Cait and Mark as they welcome Max into their home. Have fun with this great guy. 
Photo of puppy on rug
DOB: 3/3/15 
His parents can be seen below. 
Katie Rose, his half sister, can be found on the Our Shelties page.
TR JMELL Deja Blue Moon Struck
Eva is Tracy's daughter.
She is much loved in her new home with Tom and Donna who also owned my retired girl, Patti.
These photos of Max were taken 3/12/18.
Max is no longer available. Thank you to all of you for your interest in this lovely dog. He has gone to a great new family.
We have no available adults at this time.
Look for puppies on the nursery page.
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