Our Shelties

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'Oh Gee'

Oh Gee was a bundle of love.
He followed me everywhere with adoring eyes and was devoted to his family.
As a retired gentleman,
he kept a watch over all the other dogs
and our grandchildren.
What a perfect example of the
wonderful breed of Shelties.
He is greatly missed.

Beau has been a delight to live and work with over the years but the time came for him to pass his job on to Cowboy.

Beau has joined Patti in her retirement home. We miss him greatly
but he is having a ball with his new family.

Blessings Of The Night
Luna has endeared herself to us with her eagerness to love,
laugh, and play.
She is also a wonderful Mommy.

He's So Fine
'Oh Gee'
Beau and Cowboy chatting about life.
Laughing Luna
More photos of our Shelties can be found on our Blessings page.
This page was last updated: May 23, 2014
Figures Flash Card
Figures Cowboys R Hot
Willow in her AKC puppy classes where she did very well.
Deja Blue By Design
as a puppy.
Sierra and a new friend.
Thank you Bella, for sharing Sierra with us. 
Her 2014 puppies can be seen on the Nursery Page.
We are thrilled with these outstanding puppies.
A sable girl and a sable merle girl are growing here with us.
The other two puppies in this litter have joined their new families and will be much loved.
We welcome Eva to our home.
She is Tracy's daughter.
Eva is loved by all who meet her and
we are thrilled she has joined us.

Check out Eva's puppies on the
Nursery Page.
Tracy is a calm and elegant sheltie.
She and Cowboy were blessed by a litter of adorable, sable puppies 1-26-13.
You can find them on our Litters from the Past page.
We look forward to puppies in 2014 too.
Blessings Melodic
Kenny is our small tri boy.
He has abundant coat and a
joyful attitude. 

We are thrilled to welcome
Kingland Que Sera Sera
This delightful, cryptic blue girl comes to us from the
home of  Bella Thompson, Belmark Shelties. 
Sierra is a wonderful girl with a loving heart.
She greets everyone like a long lost friend.
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Figures Cowboys R Hot   'Cowboy'
Blessings From The Orchard
Willow has matured into a fun and loving beauty. 
Peaches is a small, sable granddaughter of our
Beau and Kristy.  Her sweet face and abundant coat that match Kenny's huge coat and adorable face produced beautiful puppies this winter.
They are all sold but you can see them on the Nursery Page.
Deja Blue Y'not Be Myne
Peaches as a puppy
Peaches all grown up
Figures Cowboys R Hot
'Cowboy' is a delightful, light sable boy with an endearing, cheerful personality.
He has come to us through the kindness of
Deena Olson of Figures Shelties. 
We are thrilled with his sable puppies.
Check out photos of Cowboy puppies on both the Nursery page and the Litters from the Past page.
Luna is headed to Vermont to live with Rhoda and Tim in the Spring.
We will miss her loving ways but are thrilled she will fill the hearts
of her new family.
Tiego and Diego,
Eva's sire and grandsire.
Thank you for joining us in enjoying the wonderful breed of Shelties.
Welcome to the wonderful world of
Sheltie Blessings.
Come and meet out treasured adults.