Tulip is Katie Rose and Logan's daughter, a Ryan granddaughter.
She is a beautiful, feminine blend of these wonderful shelties. I love the soft look on her face.
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'Oh Gee'

Oh Gee was a bundle of love. 
He followed me everywhere with adoring eyes and was devoted to
 his family. 

As a retired gentleman, 
he kept a watch over all the 
other dogs and our grandchildren.
 What a perfect example of the 
wonderful breed of 
Shetland Sheepdogs.

He is greatly missed.
Beau was a wonder to live and work with over the years but the time came for him to pass on his job. Ryan became our beloved stud until it was time for him to also retire.

To our delight Connor is now our standing sire here at 
Sheltie Blessings. 
He is a beautiful Sheltie with a amazing personality. 
Connor is a happy, playful and truly outstanding fellow. 
We are looking forward to seeing his first puppies this Spring.

He's So Fine
'Oh Gee'
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This page was last updated: January 11, 2019
Kingsland Que Sera Sera 
This delightful, cryptic blue girl came to us from Bella Thompson, Belmark Shelties.  
Sierra is a wonderful girl with a loving heart who is now retired but who left us with delightful, outstanding daughters. They, in turn, have given us beautiful daughters of their own.
Terra, a tri, is the sister of Lollipop, a sable merle, who is the dam of Cricket, also a sable merle.  
All of these girls have grown up here with us. 
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Thank you for joining us in enjoying the wonderful breed of Shelties.
All of our shelties are AKC registered. Ryan is also CKC registered. 
These happy people were the reason the dogs were all running around in their yard for snow pictures 2-7-15.
Figures Flash Card
our original sire.

 Blessings Go Round and Round
 Blessings Friendship Garden
"Katie Rose"
 Belmark On Cloud Nine
 Little puppy Cricket.
"Katie Rose"
Katie Rose is a Tracy and Ryan daughter.
Glitter joined us in December 2016. She is a funny, sweet, and joyful girl. We are very pleased with what she produces. You can see her 2017 Ryan daughter, Ruby, below.

This year we are waiting for Connor puppies from Glitter.

MB Hatfield Loganberry Ice T
Thank you to Lenita Vaughn for allowing 
us to breed some of our girls to Logan. 
He is shown here as an adult and 
on the weekend he earned 4 points 
in his first show at 7 months old.  
 Blessings on Terra Firma
 Cricket is a 
 Ryan and Lollipop  daughter.
 Blessings Night Song
AM CH Belmark Tri'N Stop Me
 Blessings Picks A Silque Flower
 "Tulip "
 "Tulip "
 Blessings Sunset Clouds
Ruby is a Ryan and Glitter daughter. She is our last daughter of Ryan and so is very special to us. Ryan's stunning face and body is reflected in this exciting girl.
New photos have been added of Ruby and Tulip as well as of Connor. Please check below.
'Ryan' is a dark sable boy with a 
sweet, loving personality. 
He came to us through the kindness of 
Bella Thompson of Belmark Shelties.  
We are thrilled with his many 
beautiful, championed offspring. He is now retired but we look forward to carrying on his line through Ruby, Tulip, Katie Rose, and Cricket who can be seen below. 

If you think Beau and Ryan look similar you are correct. They are proud sons of 
CH Willow Cove's Wild Card ROM ROMC.
BISS AM Grd CH/Can CH Jade Mist Belmark Bragging Rights ROM