Fun with our Blessings
Fun in the snow
Winter 2007 - 2008
Chloe is a Beau and Penny daughter from 2007
Penny and a friend.
We all enjoy playing in the snow. Sleighing with Bob, Pete, and Queen, our Percherons,
is a treat we love to share with friends and family.
More Blessings.
May you always have a Sheltie to warm your heart.
In the photo above the two beautiful tri puppies are
Beau and Kristy boys from the summer of 2007.
Kids and Shelties.
What a
wonderful combo.
May God richly bless you and keep you.

One day when we got caught in a sudden blast of snow Shelby turned to me and gave me that "Are we having fun yet?" look.  Abby just took it all stride. 
She knew she was having fun all along.

Summer and Winter views from our deck.
Amber, in the photos above, as a puppy and as an adult. She looks like her Mom, Penny.
We enjoy sharing our home with
our Shelties and hope you will enjoy these photos of current Shelties and Shelties from times past.
We are blessed to be a Sheltie Breeder here in Barker, NY.
Thank you for your interest in this wonderful breed.
The first few days of 2010 were filled with beautiful, fluffy snow here in Western NY.  Our elegant shelties had a ball being silly and I thought you might enjoy sharing the fun of playing in the
knee deep snow. 
Check Our Shelties for more photos and pedigrees.
Come on and play with us!
Luna looked like a seal diving though the drifts.
Cute Connie
Kristy and Luna
Kristy and Molly
Connie, Luna, and Kristy
Laughing Luna
Regal Beau
Fun Loving Beau
Quizzical Molly
Snow, snow, and more snow
Tag, you're it.
We have a new resident here at Atwater's Sheltie Blessings.
Our central NY grandchildren are sharing Harry, the mini, with their western NY cousins for a time this summer and fall. Molly, Beau, and their puppies have enjoyed him too.
Hannah and her pal, Harry.
"Tomorrow's memories come from today's decisions."
quote from Day by Day with Charles Swindoll, Copyright © 2000 by Charles R. Swindoll, Inc.
The snowy days of early 2011 have provided lots
of fun here.  Hannah and I made snowmen with the 'help' of some of the shelties.